Our urban city complex are proud of features and quality that meet the diverse range of needs of our international guests, providing comfortable environments, various activity options and a host of ways to discover new value.

Takanawa Gateway Station

The station offers a glimpse into the future of public transportation hubs, designed for people with myriad values.

After 49 years, the 30th station opened on the Yamanote Line on March 14, 2020.
The concourse is an open area that invites travelers to enjoy the colors of the sky and the passage of the clouds along with the refreshing breeze.
In line with the official opening of TAKAWANA GATEWAY CITY, we are also creating an area that will become the heart of 53 Playable Park, which accepts various values.
Please look forward to a brand new city where activities will spread amongst people and new values will be made.

53Playable Park

The largegest public realm in Tokyo of nearly 4 hectares inspired by the 53 Stations of the Tokaido. (Japanese: Tokaido Gojusan-tsugi)

This playground (park) is made up of smaller stations and plazas spanning 1 km from north to south.The area includes Takanawa Gateway Station, which will act as a hub for a variety of leisure activities, and features a biotope that is open to both residents and visitors. There is also a rooftop botanical garden, approximately 6,612 m², as well as 2.7 hectares of native plant species all in vibrant colors that fills the area.

Culture Creation Building (TBD)

Based on our concept, "Transporting culture for the next hundred years", we intend to build a bridge between the tradition and the cutting edge that transcends time, space, and even field specialization, eclipsing every boarder to lead us into the next 100 years.

This Center will be the place for creating new cultural value. Working in tandem with city and station, it creates cross disciplinary and future-oriented exhibitions, live performances, and educational programs combining technology, entertainment, the four seasons of Japan and traditional culture.

JW Marriott Hotel Tokyo

JW Marriott luxury brand of Marriott International is expanding into the Tokyo metropolitan area to provide guests with an experience that relaxes and rejuvenates both body and soul.

Based on the concepts "Be Present", "Be Nourished" and "Be Together", hotel guests will be treated to the ultimate accommodations for moments of tranquility sure to linger in their hearts.
The hotel will feature approximately 200 rooms as well as Spa by JW, restaurant, bar, lobby lounge, and banquet halls.

Convention Center

One of the largest MICE facilities in Tokyo, directly connected to Takanawa Gateway Station.

Not only is it accessible from Haneda International Airport, but also to major stations in Tokyo. It is the ideal location to hold international conferences, events and exhibitions.
A convention hall for large scale conferences is located on the 1st and 2nd basement, and on the 6th floor, there are seven conference rooms, all varying sizes. This convention hall and conference rooms are perfect for both domestic and international events.

Link Scholars' Hub

A startup ecosystem core for tackling worldwide societal issues

As the place for co-creation and communication among members, this facility that connects startups from all over the world, academia such as the University of Tokyo, accelerators, venture capital, etc., and creates and fosters knowledge that will lead to enrich living environments for the next 100 years.
Equipped with the environmental and life sciences wet labs in Tokyo, it supports research and development in the deep tech field. In addition, there are share desks, private rooms, and the lounge space where events can be held. In the experimental area, members can also introduce their services and products and so on.